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craps c. Post
March 28, 2018
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2018
Vonetta W. Post
July 7, 2014
As it is on our earthly jobs we learn in "chunks" so it is with the Word of God...we learn in chunks...but there is a continual increase in the knowledge of God through the Word of God...James 1:21 Put away wickedness--divest, get rid of things that we have been delivered from..and invest, give power to the things that please our God. Dr. H Lee Joyner Jr stated in his sermon yesterday 7-6-14 that we should not give things power all over again that God has already taken power away from. This touched me so in that I am not going to let things that I know have no power over me because I have Christ abiding in me now, rule over my life nor my family's lives. NO WAY.. Dr. Lee spoke "Once the Spirit of God is in you, He tells you of the things that are wrong, things that we should not take part in, and things that we should not say." God took the filth of our lives and gave us His Righteousness. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? As we were born into sin and shaped in iniquity, we need a "SOUL DETOX"--in that we must mortify the deeds of the flesh. I was listening because this helps my mind in being the wife that God is calling me to be, the mother that he is calling me to be, the church member that he is calling me to be, and even more! Finally, he stated that the primary things is that we get rid of the patterns of sin in us through receiving the Word of God with humility and having a TEACHABLE spirit. Yes siiiirrrrrrr Dr. Lee!..
My testimony is that I thank and praise the Lord for placing a heart in me that wants to please Him and I ask Him to please help my spirit to stay in teachable mode!!!

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